One of the most enduring and time-honoured expriences of mankind, has been to recluse away from the world and enjoy the lingering aroma of freshly brewed tea.

Kingdoms have been captured and continents have been crossed, for these five minutes of bliss. History is replete with colourful examples of how an entire country boosted her economy, of how an English lord met his love, of how a Japanese priest enhanced religious meditation; all through the no less than magical properties of camellia sinensis, more fondly known as tea.

"Purveyors of Fine Tea" as we are fondly known in the Tea industry... Mystic Bud, is synonymous for high quality and fine taste.

Make tea-drinking as fresh and as varied as your lifestyle. It picks you up when you feel down, and it helps you unwind in a fast pace. But more than that, Hittakkal Teas make a perfect health refresher, as they are 98% caffeine-free and rich in anti-oxidants; which are your body cell's great ally in the battle against tissue- damaging free radicals.

Royal and Premium

Calm and Light

Action packed

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